Update On Upgrading Fee Payment


Let your prospects and members in your downline know.

Coolnaira Funds and Payment is now officially handled by Voguepay Nigeria, as Voguepay payment gateway handles all payment processes with G-Cyber Technologies.

NOTE: Any payment and transaction to Coolnaira webmaster account Paul Samson is now repaid to Voguepay as we help you make the payment with our Mastercard and upgrade your account.

Members can now choose to request help from sponsor in making the payment or using webmaster option.

Now no fear or worries, your money is now handled and monitored by Voguepay.com.

Please read full details and update from upgrading page here:

Happy Money Making

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Updated: September 13, 2016 — 6:45 am
  1. upgrade my account for me since Saturday 10th of September. I paid through first mobile in night.
    My username: 373
    Full name: Oladeji Julius.
    please affecting my work because most of my people could not upgrade their own too because they are seeing free in front of my name. You promised me that you would do it and you have not done it.

  2. plz upgrade me and give me my banner (kendiglobal001

  3. I paid for upgrade today through atm transfer to webmasters account from my first bank account, I still see my account type as free, pls help, the location of transfer is obudu, in cross river state, username is lesner. Looking forward to ur utmost cooperation.

  4. I was under the impression that someone can’t register without a sponsor, I referred a friend yesterday and she forgot to use my username (Lesner), as sponsor in her registration form but rather mistakenly used her name on the sponsor field and to my bewilderment she was able to register..her username is samito ,admin please, I passionately appeal you look towards this, as me and my lost downline are supposed to be building a network together.

    1. You have just said it that is mistakenly, we dont control how people register through, you would guide the person to make sure she use your username. there are members with dfft username which if you type it as sponsor it will work .

  5. Kindly upgrade my membership and send my banner too.I made my payment this afternoon. l have already sent the details to the phone number you gave. My username is..andygreat. My Regards

  6. How do I pay for the upgrade,I mean give me the bank details to pay in as I dnt use mastercard

  7. Kindly send my promotional banners with my username please. I have been requesting this since yesterday My username is andygreat

  8. sir pls ave transfered 1000 naira since yesterday night through union mobile app BT my account is still showing free, pls I want u to upgrade it for me my username is shegeboi and the location I transfered it from is ikorodu, Lagos state

  9. I sent u a mail yesterday and even on a Facebook but am still yet to get a proper explanation. I paid in with my Mastercard but all I have is still the 500 bonus as the 1k is yet to be added up. What should I have done or what am missing cos I don’t get.

    Tho my account has changed from free to pro but should the money change too

    Username :brainy02

    1. When you pay to upgrade your account. The money is not loaded to your account but share to your sponsor and your upliners

  10. Ajayi Abiodun Omonitan

    Pls upgrade me, am still seeing my account type as free… Username is aomonitan

  11. Pls help me upgrade my account. I paid through online transfer. Olumide Adejoro, GTBANK. Username:olujay1 I already sent an sms.

    1. Resolved, upgraded

  12. please upgrade my account for me I paid through Mobile Banking
    My username: goto1
    Full name: Adamu Ahmad
    email: [email protected]

    1. What is the account name you transferred the money from?

  13. I just made payment by transfer from anyigba,kogi state,kaylah1.
    expecting upgrade soon pls..

    1. Your account has been upgraded now

  14. I paid in #1000 on Tues.20-09-2016 by bank deposit, username: lasdeus email: [email protected], 08038432198.pls help me upgrade my acc.

    1. That has been upgraded before now

  15. That is ok, and congrats, but please bonus links are more important, because that is what we pay for not just for the commission, your advert rightly said so,so why not take care of that first,.

    1. I am sorry for the delay the access link will soon be available, you will get an email

  16. Website link was not ok, this is the right one

  17. I paid since 19 Sept. Upgrade me please. I paid via bank deposit
    Username _ bobsani
    Full name _Ahman Bobsani

  18. Please upgrade me, I paid through cash deposit on Monday. My username is kayjide, the teller number is 1075376

    1. Upgraded now

  19. Hi, one of my downlines paid for her upgrade since monday and her account hasn’t been upgraded, she is calling me saying I scammed her,pls look into it she said her deposit location is kwara offa in kwara state, her username is ashaby and here full name is kazeem Azeezat oluwakemi pls look into this asap

    1. Payment confirmed, Issue resolved, account has been upgraded. The issue is due to network, we are unable to verify some payment through ATM transfer. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  20. Ok, many thanks to you.

  21. Pls how do I direct my downlines to upgrade,it is still confusion cos my sponsor did mine for me.thanks

    1. They should choose from options here http://www.coolnaira.com/upgrade.php


    1. Please give us details by filling this form http://www.coolnaira.com/blog/upgrade/

  23. give me banner naa id is kendiglobal001

  24. i ave registered my account and how will i make payment and how to upgrade my banner username…. my username is horlamilekan

    1. see ur banner: https://coolnaira.com/promo/horlamilekan.jpg to make payment click on “upgrade account” see all the details there

  25. Kindly upgrade my membership and send my banner too.I made my payment in the mid night 1:38am 27 of september 2016 l have already sent the details to the phone number you gave. My username is..Cybershow1. My Regards

  26. please I need my account upgraded, I have paid through ATM transfer. jonadab13

  27. Please I urgently need a banner

    1. urgently, and u don’t send ur username

  28. I will also appreciate a banner for samchima28. Thanks

  29. Please have upgraded my account to premium since on the 12th using vogue pay…ave been debited already but m still showing free member…pls help me resolve this so i can start refferring

    1. Resolved now?

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