Understanding Coolnaira Investment Package

Coolnaira start up with only one package which is Premium for all members. This is an affordable investment we believe anyone in Nigerian can be able to afford.

Coolnira Package

After one month of coolnaira establishment, the involvement in this business was more than expectation as we have over 200 new applicants daily. We receive so many messages and calls from members who wish to invest more and earn more commission.

We added more investment package after the system upgrade and new development with more features recently. We now have PREMIUM, DELUXE and APEX package with different investment fee respectively.

NOTE: With all packages, members earn 50% commission on level 1 and 5% commission from level 2-10 as usual.

PREMIUM member will only pay a one time fee of one thousand naira (N1,000) as investment fee and you will earn commission from a PREMIUM member who invest the same amount under you.

If anyone upgrade to higher package under you, you will only earn percentage of the package you are. For instance: If you are a premium member, if someone upgrade to deluxe or apex under you, you will only earn commission of the premium package you are which is 500.

DELUXE member will only pay a one time fee of six thousand naira (N6,000) as investment fee and  you will earn commission from DELUXE member who invest the same amount under you. You will also earn commission from PREMIUM member as well .

APEX member will have power to earn commission from all packages. This means that you will only pay a one time fee of ten thousand naira (N10,000) as investment fee and  you will earn commission from APEX member who invest the same amount under you. You will also earn commission from DELUXE and PREMIUM member as well.

NOTE: If your downline invest by upgrading to higher package, while you are on lower package you will earn percentage of he package you are.


The higher package you are the more commission your earn.

So you can decide which package you are capable of for a start.

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Updated: October 22, 2016 — 11:45 pm
  1. what if i upgrade to deluxe or apex and my downlines are premium, what percentage will i earn? 50% of them as premium members or i will earn as deluxe or apex member?

    1. 50% of them as premium members

  2. is dere any bonuses coming up admin

  3. Hi Webmaster, let’s say a member started as a Premium member, can that same member later upgrade his/her membership from Premiun to either Deluxe or Apex?

  4. What is the percentage and how do I get paid monthly daily or annually

    1. read how it works

  5. Admin I’m asking if one can upgrade or change to higher package ,if it feasible

    1. u can upgrade from lower to higher level at any time

  6. what if after investing as premium, I decide that I want something bigger, maybe deluxe or apex, can I upgrade the same premium account to deluxe or apex?

    or do I need to get an entirely new account?

    1. u can upgrade the same account to higher level if u want

  7. what if i bring more than 4 people will the fifth person be under my downlines too.

    1. no of persons to introduce is unlimited u can even bring millions under u

  8. I humbly wish to bring to the notice of an evil I noticed why marketing this company via my referral link. The essence of using one’s referral link to bring members to a company especially one like this is to ensure one is accorded the benefits accrued from those he or she sponsored to be a participant here. It’s so disturbing and heart breaking that all my efforts were wasted or the benefit given to someone who is not me since two days now. Each time someone clicks on my referral link I dropped to register, Trust Kinglio Anyi with a sponsor number or username 5215 will appear as the sponsor’s name instead of my name been Chimaobi Cyril. Kindly resolve this issue immediately as I have even paid and dropped my referral link in areas I believe will fetch me more downlines without knowing am marketing for another person’

    1. we don’t control that, if you observe that always tell the person to clear cookies from the phone browser setting or use another browser, that is a browser malfunction

  9. Hi pls I still dont get how to refer pple from my link

    1. go to homepage and read information and comments

  10. I wan to pay nd they are asking for CVV and Day nd Month. pls I dnt understand

    1. cvv are 3 digits behind ur card

    2. emeaso nicky ifeanyi

      Cvv is the 3 digits at the back of your atm, in from you will see the date writing there, bring out your atm, u will see them

  11. I really don’t understand the aspect of earning 5% for level 2 and 10 when level one is 50% I thought it’s met to increase and not decrease it’s more like the more downliners the lesser the %

    1. no u re wrong u earn 50% from ur direct referral which is level, from 2 to 10 are ur indirect referral meaning 2 to 10 are not under u, someone else brought them, i.e u brought one n that one brought another

  12. guys how do i get my referral link?

    1. check promotional center

  13. what will happen to my investment if my sponsor is in premium and i upgrade to delux

    1. you have nothing to worry abt ur sponsor, worry abt getting pple register and upgrade under u, read more on how it works

  14. if my downliner upgrade will I get paid every week ??

    1. read how it works very well from d menu thank u

  15. Lets say I am a premium member and I want to upgrade to deluxe member how much will I pay, ?

    1. u will pay the deluxe amount

  16. Sir plx i have two questions.,
    Firstly… I av nt upgraded my acct bt some1 dat register under me av register his own.. Wil i have any commision(or payment?)..
    Secondly… I was told dat i av jst 5days to upgrade.. Plx if i dnt upgrade after dat 5days” sir plx wat wil happen to mine acct??.. Nd plx sir help me to extend my period of upgrading… Plx i went to a program i cnt upgrade nw…… My username is coolmoneymaking plx help me…

  17. A question from my downline of which I have no answer for it….He asked can somebody have multiple accounts on this system ?

    1. provided they can be control without interference

  18. Please, will i pay before upgrading my account? Help me out, i just registered now as a new member.Thank u

    1. the payment is the upgrading read how it works and upgrading details thank you

  19. cool money making machine

    if i invite 4 pple under premium, like how much will i get? is the interest being paid monthly or weekly/daily

    1. pls read how it works from the page thank you

  20. Am a deluxe or apex and my first four direct referrals are premium. Does it mean am never ever gonna enjoy the benefit from my direct referrals as a deluxe or apex?
    Does it mean my direct referrals in level one can only be four members?
    Please I need a quick response… Tankx!

      1. how does it work

        1. logon to the site and click on how it works

  21. Pls @web master does it mean u get paid or grow to higher level only when u have indirect referral? Pls I need an answer

    1. read how it work thank you

  22. Please can the five days for upgrading extended? Because am yet to upgrade my account and today or tomorrow will be the fifth day,so what am I to do,I don’t want to loose my account

    1. there is more grace but try to upgrade

  23. If I start with premium, can I upgrade to deluxe or apex later

  24. pls I don’t really understand how can I pay an how will my bonus come directly to my bank acct, and pls extend my period of paying to my acct give me time I want to understand it first b4 any payment

    1. ok read details on how it works effectively and commission analysis all are there and u have more times that u need

  25. I want to register but I do not have a sponsor, what do I do?

    1. use tbest as ur sponsor

  26. Am yet to register but something is confusing me once I understand that part I will register… Pls I have gone thru Ur articles on Ur website.. And it say u pay every Friday… So once u go to bank to withdrawa u will get the money… I have been looking thru every single article to understand that part.. Pls help… What am I going to the bank to withdraw if the money has not been paid yet???..

    1. pls call Tony from the support line since u have read and still not understand he will guide u

  27. Does it mean if you invest 10k its sheard among your upline and maitainance? So you will have to introduce 4 down line to invest, so that you can make 50℅ from them?

    1. yes, the number of pple u can introduce is unlimited, u earn 50% from ur direct referral and 5% from ur indirect referral from level 2 to 10

  28. Good day, i paid as premium member on25/10 and has upgraded d account,but i hvnt seen where to fill my account details ,secondly i hvt gotten personal link to invite more pple as a sponsor,pls how can i get d link,so dat if d person wants to register my username will appear as sponsor,

    1. to get ur referral link click on promotional center from ur dashboard, ur account details only needed when u want to withdraw ur earnings, and then u click on withdraw

  29. Hi, if my referral is on premium & I want to go for apex. Is it possible? & what is d implication?

    1. very possible, no implication your referral status does not determine upgrading level, no interference thank u

  30. As a new member can I upgrade from free membership to Deluxe or Apex without passing through Premium stage?

    1. yes, any package u choose to, u can upgrade

  31. Must i pay for upgrade before my referal link apear on my dashboard?

    1. no, pls endeavor to read information, click on promotional center from ur dashboard ur referral link there

  32. Will I still get the 50% from my downliners If my downloners upgrade before me….


    1. ur question is not clear

  34. Please I need your help here
    My younger brother wants to open an account with my link but he doesn’t have a bank account, how is he going to get his payment

    1. both of you should that, account to pay ur earnings is not our concern, any account u provided while requesting for withdrawal is accepted

  35. plz can i use my real name as depositor’s name wen makin bank deposit or my username nd deposit slip number.

    1. username and…

  36. GOODEVENING SIR..SIR WHAT OF I JUST REGISTER FOR APEX AND I DONT WANT TO REGISTER ANYBODY I JUST 50%of my 10’000 is it possible??that i dont refer anybody nd still get paid??

    1. pls look at the Logo on the webpage very well, “Join this family, Build your network, Make cool, Withdraw to your bank account”. now if you do not refer i wonder how u can build ur network unless some stumble on ur referral link and how will ur referral link be available if u do not broadcast it. i guess u have the answer u needed thank u

  37. good day sir , I just registered as a new member . My question is how do I provide the bank acct. status And how do I upgrade .

    1. log in to ur dashboard, read how it works and click on upgrade to get details

  38. What is my main interest in this long run? Or is it only the 50/5 percent will i get from my referrals is my benefit?

    1. search the wepage/menus very well their others

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