Tip: How To Promote Your CoolNaira Referrer Username

Hello members,

We designed the below advert graphic this morning and we will like to share the idea with you. You see, using image means alot in info marketing, article or post with image get 95% total view as it attract viewers attention. This is one of the best way to promote your coolnaira username.

Mostly on social media platform, the user engagement rate on Facebook for sharing of photos averages is 0.37% while only text is 0.27% (this simply translates to a 37% higher level of  user engagement for image over text shared on facebook).

If you are very good in graphics design, take a look at the below image and get the hint, design something like that and include your username, since we have updated coolnaira registration form for users to include sponsor username to avoid misconception of referrer cookies on user browser.

If you don’t know how to design and if you will like us to replicate this image for you with your user ID, you can show interest in comment box.

If you know how to use photoshop, you can download the artwork to edit. Click here to download photoshop file.

Made for a member with 296

Made for a member with 296


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Updated: October 22, 2016 — 11:44 pm
  1. Please I need a banner with my user name-Edeh2

  2. Olojo Aderemi Akinwunmi

    pls I need a customized banner. my username is akins1111

  3. Please I need a banner with my user name – abuja1

  4. I asked for a customized banner 4 days ago and up till now I haven’t gotten any response. I don’t know mine was omitted for I have seen that you’ve been responsive.
    Username: berto
    And I had asked that u ad the ‘Premium – Deluxe – Apex logos on it with their prices.

    1. https://coolnaira.com/promo/berto.jpg this is what we can do, any other design or format pls try it urself

  5. hello, I need a banner with user name. Ritty thank you.

  6. hello, I need a banner with my username. Ritty thank you.

  7. please I need a banner with username, Moneyt. thank you.

  8. I need a banner with the username Jesusbaby

  9. Anifaloyin Fatai Kayode

    i need banner kayusfaith

  10. Anifaloyin Fatai Kayode

    Please I need banner kayusfaith

  11. Please my username is inope. I would need a banner

  12. pls i need banner with my user name sly079

  13. I need banner. My username is gossamn

  14. l need banner with this username SOG1.

  15. I need a superb banner for my coolnaira promo . Use my username on it “Spany4real” thanks…..

  16. Please I a promotional banner on my blog.my user name:Edeh2.

  17. I need a banner

  18. Pls I need banner wt name abdulaziz saba

    1. which one is ur username

  19. need another superb banner for “solomonofGod1”

  20. I need one my username is Dammycrouch

  21. i need a banner wt d username:Benjamin80

  22. pls cool naira I need a banner for my advertisement. my username is olaitan92

  23. Irabor Osarogie Purr

    Pls, i need a banner with username: sigiepurr

  24. Please i need a customised banner

    1. what is ur username

  25. Pls I need a banner .username – Inegbenose1

  26. Good day cool naira. I need a banner for my ads wit username trace


  27. Pls I need a sample payment details too

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