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Amazing chat from coolnaira member… See photoScreenshot_2016-05-22-23-43-16 Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-44-29

Nancy after one week of joining coolnaira.comshowoff

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Updated: October 22, 2016 — 11:48 pm
  1. Pls my account is yet to be updated. Username :Olaiya4love. And please I need banner.

    1. That has been upgraded

  2. pls Admin I upgraded my account today, and am still seeing free on my dashboard /profile, pls help me check it username Omotayo7.thanks

      1. Pls my account is yet to be updated. Username :oyinlola

        1. submit payment detail form/use contact us form. NOTE. submit all form once do not duplicate

  3. Join me to make money on coolnaira. Register with mchollas as your ID.

  4. I uploaded my payment proof because of doubters.. The moment you stop trying, is thesame moment you close door to opportunities. If you hate trying, opportunity will never work for you. To be sincere i have done many online biz but at the end i will not be paid, untill last month when i saw a news on vanguard newspaper about an online biz that u will invest 1k and start earning atleast 5000naira(25$) weekly. I joined immediately and now to be sincere iam withdrawing weekly. I urge u to try and join now and say bye bye to finicial problems. to join click on http://www.coolnaira.com/?id=eguchris and remember you can’t join without a sponsor, so use/input “eguchris” as your sponsor id/username. Use eguchris as sponsor. U can also call me for guidance 08181258889

  5. admin, I’ve paid but I font know if my account has been upgraded… and also my banner please.. my id is adeblow

    Good day Everyone,
    I am Joshua from Business Insights and today, I want to let you know of a new Nigerian business that I personally have made money from. All you need to do this business is a browsing phone or a computer. The name of the business is Cool Naira, perhaps many of you are already members while some are not, if you are a member and you looking for ways to promote your link, kindly whatsapp : (0903 2989 974) We charge ₦2,500 for promotion
    For those who have not registered don’t miss this offer today!
    I personally started this business July this year, after registering and paying only ₦1,000 upgration fee, I became shocked of what haapend!
    I just shared my link to my friends on whatsapp to my supprise 20 friends joined and I was given ₦10,000 CASH, as if this was not enough, another 40 people joined, just from my whatsapp, and I was given ₦20,000, (i.e ₦30,000 in all in the month of july after investing only one thousand naira)
    By August, I started sharing my links here on facebook and alot of my friends joined, just from July to September I have earned over ₦300,000 Plus and more cash are increasing in my account day by day, but this is happening because I invested only ₦1000 (one thousand naira)
    Guys, make I tell una de truth, dis business na correct one, I don chop and I still de chop! I go advise u 2 join dis business today!
    de only work u go do, na just to share ur link and u go see money coming to ur account. No miss am!
    • ₦500 Free Sign Up bonus FREE .

    • Earn ₦500 every time you refer a person.

    • Earn extra ₦100 every time the people you refer will refer a person(s) , you earn even while you sleep. And that is not all…
    Once You register and paid your ₦1000 fee, simply call or send us an email, we will give your 3 e-books Free

    If you want to register, kindly click the link below

    >>> http://goo.gl/zXspex <<<

    HOW DO I PAY THE ₦1000?
    Answer:- After you have registered, click on upgrade to pay the fee.
    Answer :- Once you have earned ₦1,000 you click on withdraw and your money will be sent directly to your bank account
    Do You Want Us To Help You WITH The Registration?
    (we charge only ₦200, i.e in what you will pay is only ₦1,200)
    Call or whatsapp : 0903 2989 974
    Email : [email protected]
    Msg us : facebook.com/biz2cash

  7. I’ve not seen any Nigerian platform like CoolNaira that pays so easily and handsomely.. God bless those who started this initiative. I hope you’ve all joined? If not, you’re lagging behind o. To join those getting paid, Call/SMS/Whatsapp me on +2347019057076

  8. The management should look into this evil or computer error from my affiliate link. Each time someone clicks on my referral link, instead of my name been Chimaobi Cyril to appear as the sponsor’s name, one Trust Kinglio Anyi with a sponsor name or username 5215 will appear as the person’s name. I have stop pasting my referral link until it’s corrected. Kindly correct this error as fast as possible.

    1. clear your cookies from ur phone

  9. Coolnaira is the best, most organised and reliable online business i have ever seen. I give Kids to Paul Samson for his creative ingenuity. Surely, Coolnaira is heading for a booking in the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORD

  10. Good New to all our menbers, i encorrage all of us to contineu promoting the coolnaira business cus is real, i upgrade my account last week and i have about 10 people on my downline. i requested my payment yesterday 21 sep and my money was paid into my diamond acct immd. thnx so much coolnaira u are real. call 07037876447.

  11. sir Mr Paul. my account has not yet upgrate

    1. how about now? submit payment detail form/use contact us form. NOTE. submit all form once do not duplicate

  12. You can also promote your referee link by sending bulk SMS to people to let them know about cool naira. You will not be charged for the GSM database all you will pay for is the sms units which is 1.50K per one. It is faster, cheaper and more reliable. The bulk sms website is http://www.idealsms280.com If you are interested you can chat me up on whatsapp on 07060835167 for more information.You spend money to make more money!

  13. Admin I upgraded my account immediatly I made payment Yesterday and am still seeing free on my dashboard /profile, pls help me check it username Elkon11
    Payment name EDET ELISHA OKON
    Description Elkon11

    1. how about now? submit payment detail form/use contact us form. NOTE. submit all form once do not duplicate

  14. s Admin I upgraded my account today, and am still seeing free on my dashboard /profile, pls help me check it username ..Oyinlola

    1. submit payment detail form/use contact us form

  15. Admin I upgraded my account since Thursday , and am still seeing free on my dashboard /profile, pls help me check it
    Username: Elkon11
    Mobile transfer by EDET ELISHA OKON

    1. submit payment detail form/use contact us form

      1. how can I upgrade my account and besides I didn’t see #500 I suppose collect for the sign up

        1. login to ur dashboard, click on statistics, u will see ur 500 signup bonus, click on “upgrade” and follow d details thank u

  16. Good afternoon, I have registered and paid the investment fee of 1000 buy my account is yet to be upgraded. Pls confirm

  17. coolnaira is very real and wonderful, thanks to Mr Samson Paul more wisdom.

    Wema Credit
    Acct No:0232****70
    Desc.: Coolnaira Network
    Bal: 12,046.71
    26-09-2016 12:37

    Mr Samson, pls not all my downlines have upgraded their accts. I withdrew that amount to be able to convince more people to join this community of progress, hope I will still be able to withdraw more as they upgrade their accts. thanks to Mr Samson
    coolnaira.com is the best…..

  18. please I want my own banner. my username is Mitota..Thks

  19. coolnaira pays alot. no stress, no headache. i thank God i joined coolnaira when i heard about it. coolnaira is real if u haven’t joined there is still hope for u. join now contact me on 07065259151

  20. I just registered and I’ve paid but its still asking me to upgrade … Pls help the username is – delman1000

    1. on ur dashboard click on statistics what is ur member status showing

  21. hello, please I paid to upgrade my account yesterday and it’s still showing free.

    1. how about now? hope u followed procedure/instruction

  22. How will i upgrade my account and pls help me in a way to decorate my flage

    1. to upgrade ur acc click on upgrade and follow the procedure and every instruction then for ur flag or banner send ur username

  23. Wish to join but have no upline. Just saw advert on my whatsapp.

    1. click here https://www.coolnaira.com/?id=tbest and register, do not edit d sponsor id or log on to https://www.coolnaira.com and type in tbest as ur sponsor

  24. I have joined and paid N1,000 please what next should I do? ewaoluwaniyi.
    Was told to send message to which number? Am new anyway

    1. pls endeavor to read details from ur dashboard everything you need to know and do is well detailed on the site, let no feed u with wrong or incomplete information thank you, if u have made payment u supposed to submit payment detail form when u click on upgrade

  25. My account not yet be upgrde ooo. Tballas1

    1. when did u pay and how did u made payment? did u submit d payment detail form from ur dashboard after payment?

  26. Pls, admin have paid but my account as not yet to upgrade and also my banner. My username is Hayorbahmi30.

    1. https://coolnaira.com/promo/hayorbahmi30.jpg if u have followed d procedure of payment and the instruction after payment, be rest assured that ur account will be upgraded 24 hours after payment thank u

  27. Coolnaira.com is a reality online network that is bringing back confident in Nigerian believing that Nigeria has gotten something good to reference at. Am proud to be a member. Join now and convince yourself that you are egde of other. Up coolnaira.com

  28. i ve sucessfully registerd but how wil i get my referal link?

    1. login then click on promotional center from ur dashboard u will see ur referral link there thank u

      1. Please admin I have made payments but my account has not been upgraded. My user name is chrismoney01

        1. once u have followed the due process/instruction, no need to worry thank you

  29. I have paid and and yet to be upgraded am username blim

    1. how abt now? check ur status

  30. Please I made my payments on 30-Sep-2016 yet my account has not been upgraded… and I made the payment via MasterCard. My username is: gabeyemma1. please help me resolve it.

    1. how abt now? check ur status

  31. I’m really tired of trying to convince people to register to this site..Everyone thinksthinks is scam..pls admin help me out

    1. u don’t need help, do u see it as a scam? what convince you should convince them, it’s always like that sometimes u just have to keep on, some will even tell u to show them proof of ur earning, refer them to the site to see proof, a lot of pple have earn a lot from this network…

  32. Gud day sir, i am yet to upgrade my account and it has extent 5 days. Is my account still valid or i shd reregister again, but i already have pple that have register under me…my downliner

    1. yes is still active try to upgrade if u mean business

  33. pls what is an upliner?

    1. upliner is ur sponsor, is d person u register under or who refer u, in other words, u are upliner to the person that registers under which is ur downliner thank u

  34. Please I made my payments on 29-Sep-2016 yet my
    account has not been upgraded… and I made the payment
    Through POS machine to transfer. My username is: Hayorbami30. please
    help me resolve it.

    1. once u have followed the due process/instruction, no need to worry, what about now? check ur member status, if same, use the “contact us form” menu on the site thank you

  35. I have gotten like two downlines now..but Non have upgraded.. Coolnaira is the best..for those looking for sponsor..use uchebest20

    1. try get more outside this platform into this platform thank u good work

  36. Pls how can i get a banner?

    1. send ur username

    2. I need a banner,my username is dajuli

  37. I just want to appreciate the CoolNaria networking scheme for a successful payment. My registration upgrade was successful

  38. Boss Hv paid 4 upgrading since afternoon Pls do something

    And I also need a banner
    Samm is my name

    1. once u have followed the due process/instruction, no need to worry thank you

  39. I have like seven downloners now..but non of them have upgraded ..this is really fustrating me.

    1. don’t be frustrated nothing good comes easily its always like that from the start, follow them up let them know how it works, and get more pple

  40. pls I just paid in 10000 from first monies app, olajide507 that is the account need to upgraded.

    1. ok, once u have followed the due process/instruction, no need to worry thank you

  41. I have make a payment sir, and my account is not yet upgrade. The username is olajide507. Thanks sir

    1. once u have followed the due process/instruction, no need to worry thank you we are on it

  42. please i did my ungrading yesterday and i filled the form below yet am still on free member what can i do please to rectify that

    1. once u have followed the due process/instruction, no need to since it is not up to 24hours of payment thank you

      1. its more than 24hours nw

        1. ok, check ur member status if it still showing “free” if it is, fill the “contact us form”

  43. I av upgrade my acct and it’s still asking me to upgrade ajani683 2660

    1. how does it asked u to upgrade? have u login to ur dashboard and view ur member status recently? once u follow due process to made payment and followed all instruction ur account will be upgraded

  44. Pls I’ve been trying to mek d payment online here but it has been giving me error. So what do I do… My ID is DeMayor.

    1. what type error do you experience while trying perhaps u don’t enter d right thing, u can transfer or use other mode of payment

      1. Pls my prob now for the payment is CVV2,bcos that’s what they’ve been requesting for after I’ve putting My card number and pin with MM/YY. So Pls help Me out because I just want to mek d payment online. Have a Great Day Sir.

        1. the 3 digits at d bk of ur card

      2. I upgraded my account since 2 days ago but its yet to be upgraded, admin pls resolve it…
        Username; vhikydr

        1. pls fill the “contact us” form on the site menu

  45. Pls Sir, if I want to pay it directly from the Bank, am I permitted… And what are d Bank details if permitted?

    1. u are permitted, just make sure u use ur coolnaira username as sender name then fill/submit payment detail from ur dashboard after payment thank u

  46. I make d payment through my MasterCard ajani683, help me check it

  47. My Acct Was Upgraded Yesterday, Thanks. I Need Bannar My Username Loveme. How Am I Get E-book You Are Talking About.

  48. Thnks guy i just got paid this morning

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