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Amazing chat from coolnaira member… See photoScreenshot_2016-05-22-23-43-16 Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-44-29

Nancy after one week of joining coolnaira.comshowoff

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Updated: October 22, 2016 — 11:48 pm
  1. I am actually requesting for my 5th payment today… Cool Naira is really paying

    1. Faith thank you for dropping by

  2. They send my payment immediately… Thankdx coolnaira

  3. lol I had a funny dream yesterday after receiving my payment… kinda imaging that all my 325 downlines upgrade their account in one day… lol that’s about 162,500 nairrra just in a day… I can’t wait… I love coolnaira o…

    1. It’s not funny Emmanuel… Do you know what God can do? Just keep your fingers crossed and don’t slack… Your dream will sure come true

  4. ADMIN, Please, encourage all those who received their pay today to send in their testimonials (snapshots of bank alert that says COOL NAIRA is the payer. Pleassseeee!!! Thank you Mr. Paul Samsom for doing your best in this business.

    1. We always tell them, but we cant force anyone. Thanks for dropping by

  5. I just pray that everything shouldn’t turn out to be a dream… And when I wake up. I realized that it wasn’t true but just a mere dream… I’ve already planned on what to do with that money when I’m finally ready to withdraw it… God has been Merciful.. My downline is gradually growing with premium upgrades

      1. omagu john innocent

        Pls admin i wat to register

        1. Please go ahead

          1. aniekan david umanah

            I have sent to as many is have in my whatsapp friends but I can’t know how many are had registered,even to check my account I don’t please can u lead me in.

          2. Login to your account, read instructions in your dashboard

  6. Akinyemi Olusegun

    Honestly speaking, Coolnaira is not a scam.All my downlines saw my alert from Coolnaira. Thank you Mr Paul Samson for putting smiles on the faces of many Nigerians

  7. Wow! I love what am seeing.. Could this be for real?
    I wish to join please.

    1. “Earn money online by working part time job,
      earn up to ₦5,000 daily, 100% sure, guranteed
      and confirmed. Join at: http://

    2. @Precious, join my team using this link: http://www.coolnaira.com/?id=1226. My Sponsor ID is 1226

  8. What if one has a total number of 50 direct referrals and say only 30 have upgraded to premium membership, do I get paid commission on all 50 or just 30?

  9. Wow….i cant wait to partake fully in all these blessings…
    Thanks to the brain behind this

  10. @Harrison, have you signed up already?

  11. http://www.coolnaira.com/?id=4223. Please cool naira is legit and it pays. Use this ID to sign up. Thanks I will really appreciate

  12. QuickTeller Funds Transfer. Ref no. 999953454172. Your SBP account: 0028606935 has been credited with NGN 2,100.00. From [email protected].

    sorry guys! I wanted to drop a screenshot. but I’m not too familiar with the internet. all the same. let him or her that has eyes see. coolnaira responded according to his promise… he fulfilled his part of the deal… I’m grateful for this great initiative. thank boss Make Money on Coolnaira Today

  13. mojisola ogunsanya

    Want to make 5000 daily into ur banks acct join coolnaira with this link http://www.coolnaira.com/?id=5004

  14. hello sir please I really need your help ooo bcos I just registered newly and have 11 direct ref and 26 indirect ref I don’t know if anyone has upgraded oo will I be paid by this Friday bcos I requested for money

    1. We will check and get back to you.

  15. that is good but i do,nt known how to take past of it pls mail or richs me on facebook msm christian okon thank God bless

  16. Progress okotie ladyp

    pls hw can I b a part of it I reali want to join

    1. It Simple Just Click Here
      http://www.Coolnaira.com/?id=9757,try It Now.

      1. You made a mistake in your referral link, be conscious of that when sharing your link

  17. Akinyemi Olusegun

    Sincerely speaking, Coolnaira is the best.I received my payment alert yesterday, making it the 3rd alert in a month.God bless Mr Paul Samson for this great opportunity.

  18. Ajayi John Kolawole

    coolnaira is d coolest. I mk bold to say it anytime, anywhere.

  19. Wow! Just paid now bank alert woke me up. New on coolnaira. God blessed the day I stumbled on the coolnaira link on net through my sponsor. This is the best cool network that i will do and earned without stress, despite the ugly experienced I had with others. God bless coolnaira and fellow networker under cool naira. Keep putting smile on our faces.
    Join now http://www.coolnaira.com/?id=owolabi

  20. The problem of youths is ability to decide to do the right thing, rather they prefer to fall into the wrong hand.
    Coolnaira is real. My payment is on the way, but I can see my money on my page.
    You have no excuse for financial failure. Join coolnaira today.
    http://Www.coolnaira.com/?id=adesola96 ..
    You should be proud to be part of this. Am gonna make it here…

  21. Reg with my link

    My id is mysticdon, put it as your sponsor.

    I reg yesterday and have upgraded

  22. Admin I noticed that in Nancy Amori’s payment proof posted here that her total commission earned is #45,400 with 77 people in level 1, 32 in level 2 and 2 in level 3..#35,000 is paid and #10,400 is due. How did Coolnaira arrive at that as it did not match with what I am seeing in the commission analysis page on the site.
    Please explain this to help me and most of us that are ready to explode ..Thank you.

    1. People that start with us the first month actually got the juice because we share 20% from level 2-10 then, It kinda boost the business as people rush in… and we pay from our own pocket…. but we later slash it down and make all equal so as we can get profit for maintaining the platform for us not to short down… So we have to re-analyze and all is well now. so with the current analysis, nobody lost.

  23. I taught cool naira was fake bt wit al these comments I am fully convinced. I am new here n don’t know where to start. Need help

    1. Just read how it work here https://www.coolnaira.com/details.php carefully and understand better, then start your own network, dont let anyone confuse you

    2. Am Happy you that you found the live truth!

      Cool naira is never a scam.


      Click on that link to register

      God bless you as you register.

      Warm Regards.

  24. pls what’s the benefit of that 10,100 fee upgrade?

      1. I have. Register but I dnt no hw to pay in d 1k pls I need help

  25. Pls i need help on how to join in,have bin tryin to register buh av bin avin probs

    1. What kind of problem?

  26. pls I HV few questions to ask,I don’t understand. hw many ppl do u HV to get in order to get paid and I am suppose to talk to dem abt it or jxt wn dy open my link DAT I HV been sharing or 4 dem to register into coolniara, nd re u suppose to pay d upgrading fee first b4 beening paid?

    1. Please read details and how it work here https://www.coolnaira.com/details.php…. Starting from 2 investors under you, you can withdraw your earning at any time.

  27. pls I HV few questions to ask. wud i b piad even if I don’t upgrade my acct,am I suppose to talk to ppl to register wit coolniara or am I jxt to send my link to ppl and wn dy open my link den i can start earning? nd till wot level or number of ppl will I get to b4 I can ask fo payment

    1. 1. U wont get paid as a FREE member.
      2. Join our facebook group to see how members promote there link here https://www.facebook.com/groups/coolnaira/ or read here http://www.coolnaira.com/blog/how-i-share-my-referral-link-and-get-more-members-in-my-downline/
      3. Once you have earn up to 1000 from people you can even withdraw.

      1. plz which account will I pay in and hope is not a scam how many people am.I suppose to.bring.

    2. Add me on fb legends promzy legends or register via http://www.coolnaira.com/?id=godsway1

  28. IS IT A MUST TO START FROM LEVEL 1? pls i also need ur feedback in my inbox, as a reminder to me. thanks.

    1. Which level will you like to start from?

  29. adebayo sherifdeen

    how can I pay for my registration? Bank or where?

  30. Admin. How can we get contact of how downline so as to follow dem up to upgrade.. and how do we knw which have not upgrade..email alone is not enough

  31. i want to upgrade my account…. admin please reply me. what if i transfer the money with my diamond mobile app? will it work?

  32. with just #1000 make #5000 join my team click http://www.coolnaira.com/?id=kaysilvia

  33. Pls am new I want to know how will I get d money if I have been paid is it in my bank account there going to pay it??

    1. you will get paid to your bank account from withdrawal page

  34. pls,am finding it very difficult to upgrade my account

    1. What is the issue?

  35. sorry to ask , is it must we enter business with some 1 b4 earning money?

    1. If you found coolnaira.com on search engine or other way round, you can register leaving the sponsor field empty

  36. For apex member how much is the commission and the referral bonus.

    What i mean is that, for instance, for premium member the commission is #500. Am asking for apex and deluxe member commission.

  37. Hello admin, I tried to pay for membership via my visa card but the process did not go via. Though have not activated I-pin. Apart from online payment, is there not bank account to pay for the membership atleast to make it easy for some poeple like me who was unable to pay online. If bank account is available, I pay and make my payment details available for me to be registered, thanks

  38. Hi guys join me now to get some cash. Sign up now using http://www.coolnaira.com/?id=udosaint. Once u join inbox me with 08165864863 i will create a banner for you. Free

  39. have paid the upgrading fee but I have not been upgraded when will it be upgraded

    1. Please let me know if your account has been upgraded now.

  40. no reply after my register

    1. try to login with the username and password you chose during registration, then you will be asked to re enter your email address again to receive confirmation mail.

  41. Pls……. How can i start i have registered but i dont know how to get started

    1. Read instructions on your dashboard once you login

  42. If I finish upgrading my account and the people that registered under me don’t upgrade there’s
    will I still get paid??
    please I need answers??

  43. I requested withdrawal and got paid in less than 2hours..this is it.
    You’ve received 1,900.00 at GTB 0171617080 from Coolnaira Payment 08169787210. Coolnaira Network. It may take up to 30 mins to reflect in account.

  44. I have register but dnt no hw to pay in d 1k pls some should. Help me on it

  45. Hello , I’ve paid my upgrading fee, but I still see ‘free’ on my dashboard. I paid offline, into the webmaster’s account, and my payment details are:

    Depositor’s Name: Lilly Sweetz
    Username: lillysweetz
    Paid into UBA Account no: 2061041888; Account Name: Paul Samson, on 22/8/16

    Please, upgrade my account so I can start firing on all cylinders!

    * For those seeking sponsors for their registration, please click on https://www.coolnaira.com/?id=lillysweetz to register, or enter lillysweetz as your sponsor to register. Whatsapp me on +2347057529134 for promotion freebies!!!

    1. Your account has been upgraded.

  46. How can I receive my sign up bonus

    1. You will get your sign up bonus in your ewallet from statistic in your dashboard once u av activated your acct

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