No SPILLOVER on Coolnaira Network System.

This is what makes Cooolnaira Network different from other Network marketing. We are working and updating this system everyday to make a total difference.

A new feature that is coming up will shock you.

Don’t forget, whoever you bring in will be under you directly, your 50% from their payment is 100% guaranteed. No SPILLOVER.

Why is there no SPILLOVER?

On Coolnaira Network, every member has his own generation, you don’t rely on your upline or downline for your success other than working hard by introducing the right people under you.


SPILLOVER breeds a welfare mentality among members

Perhaps the greatest downside of spillover in network marketing is that it may attract the wrong type of person. People who believe in getting something for nothing are more likely to join your network.

To build a profitable network marketing business, you need people who understand the need to build their own businesses. Not free-riders. People who come in expecting their businesses to be built by others are not the kind of people to rely on in network marketing. Avoid them whenever you can.

So it is advisable to be careful when showing your opportunity to your prospects.

If your company’s compensation plan is the binary plan or the forced matrix, avoid recruiting using spillover as a reason for someone to join you. That way you are more likely to recruit only serious people.

SPILLOVER is closely resembles a scam

If there is anything that creates the idea of a pyramid scheme in network marketing, it is mlm spillover. The only way to present a network marketing compensation plan which involves spillover is through a pyramid shaped figure.

Unfortunately for many people, this immediately brings in the thought of illegal pyramid schemes.

Do realize that there is nothing inherently wrong with any pyramid shaped structure, including legitimate network marketing compensation plans. What’s important is how people make money from the structure.

Perhaps the most talked-about benefit of spillover is that, once you sign up, you will benefit from the sponsoring activities of your upline.

But does this really happen in the real world? Can anyone really build a thriving network marketing business just by signing up and waiting for downline to grow from upline’s recruiting efforts.?

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Updated: September 8, 2016 — 7:25 pm
  1. can i asked someone to register through me while am still in free mode?

  2. One of my down lines is experiencing difficulties in upgrading, he paid for his upgrade yesterday through atm transfer, here are his credit card. Location is Karu Round About,abuja. Username is andygreat .long live coolnaira.

  3. wats the mean,ing of free mode

    1. Means that you have limited access to the system

  4. Since there is no spillover, what happen when I referred more than 4 persons?

    1. All of them will be under you directly and you will earn 50% from them. You can refer unlimited members directly under your.

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