Tip: Promoting Your Coolnaira User Username Using Handbill


Woa… People love coolnaira.com and they enjoy it. This is another brilliant idea shared by a brilliant coolnaira member… Not a guy this time, a lady came up with a fantastic tip and you need to see this. Hmmm I thought only guys love making cool cash….

You see, we shared a post concerning a designed coolnaira advert image for promoting user ID which people can share on social media, but this lady took it up not only share on the internet but promoting her user ID offline too.  Wow… what a brilliant idea i never thought…

She got her own copy of coolnaira advert with her user ID and printed it on handbill… as seen on above image. According to her, she share this with colleagues and course mates in her school… I was shocked when i check on her downlines… She is among people who have sent payment request and getting paid today.

I think you can still buy this idea… Just think about it.

Happy money making.

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Updated: October 22, 2016 — 11:44 pm
  1. Wow nice tip I am going do this

  2. chioma ikwe chibaby

    Its really nice, she would use colour… Its gud sha

  3. Am intrested this my id 3046

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  7. Oloyede Funsho David

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  8. Cool Naira! Understanding Language! We mints money…

  9. Wao…nice tip…coolnaira is realy transparent…

  10. Wao…nice tip…coolnaira is realy transparent even more transparent….
    At first i tot its a scam until wen i received my payment request…tnk u coolnaira.

  11. pls is the id different from username

    1. Your username is your ID

  12. Hope this is not a pyramid system, that will crash when people no register in your platform.
    But is there money back guarantee?

    1. Always think positive please.

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  14. i need my I’d and banner ..my username is assumynorex

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  16. How do I upgrade my acc online?

  17. i am so impressed

  18. My User Name Is humphrey2016, how can I have user id in number form.

  19. another one for #protocol

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