International Package – How It Works

Coolnaira International package is a setup investment package for none Nigerian who are interested in participating in Coolnaira Nigerian base networking business.


★ International package goes for $20 (Silver) and $40 (Gold) as investment upgrading fee. You can choose the amount you are capable of.

★ Any Nigerian member who refers a non Nigerian who successfully register and upgrades his or her account to any of the international packages will earn N2000 – N4000 naira on each person.

★ International package is like all other packages but specifically designed for neighboring countries who wish to join this network.

★ Earning commission on international package is still 55%. 50% on direct referral, 5% bonus on indirect referral.

★ Both paying in and paying out is in USD $$$. This is due to the fact that there are different exchange rate in different countries.

★ International members are to use one payment channel which is online Voguepay using MasterCard and Visa card.

★ All international members must have voguepay account in order to withdraw commission or receive payment. This is because we find it very easy to transfer your earning commission to your voguepay account and you can withdraw your money to your local bank account.

★ To get a voguepay account is very simple… Just log on to and click signup.

★ None Nigerian members can upgrade their account by simply paying online using voguepay or transfer funds from their voguepay account to “coolnaira” account on voguepay.

★ You can read more about for more clarification.

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Updated: October 22, 2016 — 11:43 pm
  1. Is it that the international package is limited to african or neigbouring countris?

    1. Not only Africa

      1. I want to register Buh the thing is asking me to fill referers name. Buh no body referred me I heard by mine self

    2. Pls hw can i get my refre

      1. Do you mean referral link?

  2. can I use my referral address to register foreigners” or ( international personals) because I have many of them to register….

    1. Sure… Make sure you share your referral link correctly of ask them to use your login username (small letter) in the space of sponsor

  3. Its time to make foreign friends… 😀

  4. gREAT WORK BoSS, CoolNaira ROCK!!! Its time to go global. Kudos.

  5. This is great, keep it up

  6. how do i get my payments?

    1. For Nigerian, You get paid through your bank account… None Nigeria get paid through Voguepayment system…

  7. After paying 1000# how am i goin to get my link

    1. even before your pay your upgrading fee, you have your referral link in your dashboard. Login and click on “promotional center”

  8. ogunsanya mojisola

    For any international member dat want to register kindly click on dis link and use 5004 as ur sponsor id thanks

  9. Hw am I going to pay my link nd hw will I know if I ve already been paid.

    1. Please can you rephrase your question ?

  10. Make some cool dollars for yourself as an international person or make more Naira to your bank account Join at:

  11. samuelsundaypeace

    How can i get my payments when i don’t have bank accounts?
    Is it possible to provide and account where the payments should be done?

  12. Aslaamu Alaikum!

    Hello Sir,

    Sir my name is Muhammad Ahmed. I am from Pakistan. I am interested in Your Company but don’t know how to join. please tell me how to join……in you company…!
    Sir how to work in your company…!

    Muhammad Ahmed

    1. Hello Mr Ahmed, to sign up from Pakistan, kindly follow this link.

      I would be happy to assist you if you encountered any other problem during sign up.

      Warm Regards.

    2. I can explain to you. Add me on Facebook

  13. I just finished doing my registration through the referral link that was sent to me,so what next?I saw premium and all that what do I do to get my own link to share to people and how do I get paid as I start building my network?

    1. If you have activated your account, Login and click on promotional center, you will see your referral link there

  14. ogunwale akintola

    pls what is this all about what service am i expected to offer

    1. What Is Coolnaira All About?

      Coolnaira is a People-Helping-People Online Networking Business, where you invest, introduce people to invest under you using your referral link, and earn 50% commission from their investment. You will get your investment fee back in no time + huge profit in the long run.

      → Click Here To Read More Details & How It Work. → Read Commission analysis and what happen to your investment.

      This is a work from home and part time networking business suitable for Students, Fresh Graduate, Job Seekers, Bloggers, and even the best Work From Home Job for housewives or anyone who wish to earn more money online.

      Made by Nigerian and for Nigerians; You earn commission and get paid cash to your bank account 100% guaranty.

      → Read: Our Promise
      Continue from homepage

  15. ogunwale akintola

    and more importantly how do i join

    1. Follow this link

    2. Hello Ogunwale,

      To sign up for Nigeria’s largest networking business, kindly follow this link to sign up.

      If you encounter any problem signing up, kindly let me know i would be happy to help you!.

      Warm Regards

  16. hello am beegsoul pls how can i participate in

    1. Hello beegsoul, to participate in one of Nigeria’s largest Online networking business kindly follow this link to Sign up.

      If you encountered any problem during signing up, kindly let me know i would be happy to assist you.

      Warm Regard.

  17. apart from the 50 percent is there any payment monthly

    1. NO monthly payment. You only upgrade once on any package you can afford.

  18. Am not really understand it, if possible you can call me for more explanation 08061698491 thanks

  19. Hello admin m new to dis I saw d app via play store.. I don’t have a sponsor
    How do I register?

  20. Am trying to regidter but is not connecting.y?

  21. Hi, am i allowed to have more than one account ?

    1. Multiple email is not allowed

  22. pls is it a must I register under someone

    1. Yes if the person introduced you. If you find your way here via search or other means, you can leave sponsor field blank

  23. how can I have link to register in this platform.

    1. simply click register bro

      1. i want to know is it possible for a person to have more than one account in cool Naira

        1. The system does now allow multiple email address

  24. hello sir. when I go through my stats I see my unpaid balance. will they inform me when i get paid or I will just withdraw the money from my withdrawal without being informed?

    1. When you make a withdrawal from the unpaid balance, you will receive alert immediately the payment is approved

  25. pls sir how will I know if I get paid?

    1. you will receive alert

  26. Matthew, use this link…. Type 1226 where you see sponsor

  27. For all those who want to register simply use this link…… Type 1226 where you see sponsor. Contact me on Whatsapp 07066047811 for your training on how to make it big in Cool Naira

  28. can I be paid if I don’t register people under my link

    1. For now NO. We are coming with new features that will enable members to be earning upon their investment without referring people.

  29. Heloo sir..hw do I knw if am being paid

    1. you will receive alert

  30. How can I sign up, I saw coolnaira on line try signing up but no way

  31. How can I register person,and is the income monthly or weekly

    1. login to your dashboard, click on promotional center from the menu to find your referral link. who ever that you want to register should click on your referral link or ask the person to use your username as sponsor from registration page. We pay on or before Fridays. You can withdraw your earning at any time.

      1. Can I have you referral link? I would like to register under you

        1. use 1 as sponsor

      2. pls where is the dashboard located in my email

        1. dashboard is not in your email. its when you login your account on coolnaira u will see your dashboard

  32. Hello sir how do i know that my account have being upgraded cos i have paid N1000 premium fee since 2days ago yet i keep seeing free membership in statistic sub menu. My user name is courage7733

  33. Pls i wish to register. admin add me up onatsapp

  34. Both nigerians and non-nigerians that want to join coolnaira. The best and simple online business in the world that pays Faster than others. Kindly click on the link below and don’t forget to use eguchris as your sponsor id/username. Remember u can,’t join without a valid sponsor id

    1. click here

  35. Pls admin how do I get registered since I don’t have a sponsor?

  36. where can i see my dashboard in my emial

    1. You will see you dashboard when you login your account using your username and password

  37. I have made payment but haven’t heard from you.

    1. You account should be upgraded by now.

  38. Pls ADMIN how do I get my payment since u didn’t ask of my account no.?

    1. You will provide your acct details on withdrawal page.

  39. How do I pay the 1000k

  40. am new
    how do I register?


    2. Register through this link https://www m /?id=sagek1 make sure you use sagek1 as your sponsor,so that you will be paid adequately and on time

    3. Register through this link /?id=sagek1 make sure you use sagek1 as your sponsor,so that you will be paid adequately and on time

  41. I need a banner with this name Euro tobai and pls how do I share my referral link to a friend?

  42. pls admin,I dnt knw hw to register,more so wat if I can’t register any one outside Nigeria,wnt I be paid?

  43. How can I add my bank account details and how can I introduce many people into coolnaira link?

    1. Read instructions on your dashboard

  44. Wow! Nice one, I like what you guys are ddoing, I will soon join the moving train, keep it up!

  45. I registered myself and was not referred by anyone but there’s a name there, pls I want my name as my referea and how do I send to my people using me as there federal?

  46. I want register, hw do I pay my #1000?

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