FAQ: Why My Sponsor Details Keep Showing On My Referral Link

  • Find out why your referral link keep showing your sponsor details and how to resolve it here.


    Gdmorning Mr Paul,thanks for accepting my friend request.

    Morning sir


    I have a complaint pls. I have registered and upgraded(day b4 yesterday) and have been spreading the news about the opportunity. However three who wanted to join informed me that they didn’t see my name in the space for sponsors name. I checked and found that they were seeing my sponsors name. Why is this so,when people click on my link they should see my name and username,why do they see my sponsor?


    I find it disturbing.

    What’s your referral link?

    please hold on while i check



    All is well with your referral link

    as you can see, i just click your referral link and register you details show up automatilly

    you will be the onely one see your sponsor when you click your own referral link

    reason is because your sponsor referral link cookies has been saved in your browser immediately u click on his or her link

    the same thing is applicable to your referral link, when someone click on it, your referral link cookies automatically saved on the person browser

    this will stay for days to help you not to lose the members in your downline bcos who click your referral link might not regisiter immediately but whenever he comes back to decide then you will still be his sponsor


    So i see my sponsor because i did the checking on my phone?

    Paul Samson


    how to resolve

    now to resolve this… you just need to clear your browser cookies

    or use another browser or another phone entirely

    and you should not let that to border you because you are the only one seen it that way


    How do i do that on my phone?

    depend on the browser you are using, diff browsers navigate to your setting>privacy>clear cookies


    Thank you,i was afraid people would be registering under me and someone else would be getting my commissions.

    You have nothing to worry about sir

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Updated: October 22, 2016 — 11:49 pm
  1. I can’t view pple that claim they have registered under me

  2. ooh ok now i know. Thank you for explanation.

  3. Thanks for clarification

  4. pls wen ever pple reg tru my link or i register pple tru my link i dnt c dem on my downline …pls why nd wat suld i do

    1. You should see them when they have activated their account. Henceforth all new applicants are activated automatically and you can see them in your downline.

  5. pls wen ever pple register tru my link nd wen i register pple tru my link…pls wat wrong nd wat suld i do

    1. We just posted the reason and the solution. Dont your read the post before you comment?

  6. is up to 24 hours why am i still refered to as free member. my username is chi. thks

    1. Resolved. Sorry for the delay

  7. Username: emma1

  8. pls admin should help create a short video that explain how this bis works

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