FAQ: Must Someone Have A Sponsor Before Registering?

On Tue, May 31, 2016 8:26 pm, Gozie-oramah Somadina k wrote:
went through ur networking sit, coolnaira.com. i must confess its very encouraging and look prospective enough. Kudos for that wonderful work.

pls i wish to ask one question which i need reply through here. pls must someone have a sponsor before registering? i think such a column should made optional. someone like me now, no one told me about this and nobody refereed me, now is asking of sponsor’s name, does it me that i can’t register because i don’t have sponsor.
thanks and i hope to hear from u soon.


Base on member’s various questions, issue and complaint, we make sure that no member lose downline after all their struggle… All members must have a sponsor.

However, you can actually join the network if you are very much interested, perhaps you stumble on coolnaira.com through search engine, YES you can join.

We want members base on interest and who understand how the business work. Also, we dont want any members to lose their chain or downline, this is why you must confirm your sponsor by using your referrer ID where ever you see the link as this will also apply to you when you become member.

SO if you don’t have sponsor, perhaps you are directed from search engine… kindly use “0000” without quote. NOTE: Using any anything or ID that is not recommended may get your application disapproved.

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Updated: October 22, 2016 — 11:45 pm
  1. you can also use 952?

    1. Hello I am adeyemi lateef

  2. 177 is preferrable…

  3. theophilus okhakhayo

    use 1670

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  6. use 2477 please we are fast growing

  7. Hey please use 4223. Thanks and God bless I will appreciate it.
    Or use this link to be very quick

  8. hmmm why not use 4535

  9. student looking 4 vocational work u can also do dis wit ur
    part time work get up to 5000k 4 a week
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  10. I really like this coolnair idea and for the fact that it’s autochthonous, I am impressed and
    sincerely here to express my joy. it shows that we are growing up in Nigeria and making great impact changing lives and our entire environment all together. I asked myself this question when i came across coolnira networking business “can anything good come out of Nigeria?” and I got a CAPITAL YES as the answer. if only we build our relationships based on trust. just then, a thought stuck my head and firstly, I thought about the person who first entered the first ship built by a human being like him with load inside trusting what the owner had told him that the ship would not sink. it dawn on me that trust is the greatest risk and until you take it, you can’t be an over comer. I also added the Napoleon hill’s words “there is no such reality as something for nothing” and decided to join and pay more money than am supposed to have paid in the coolnair account because am also a humanitarian based on my ambition. today am making money on coolnair networking business AkA come to stay.

  11. Can a free member refers? If yes would he benefit from his referral job.

    1. Yes… He will benefit from bonus package as a free member including signup bonus… and if anyone upgrade under free user, his commission will surely show up in his statistic

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  13. Wow I just love this, you can use your phone and do everything. That is amazing, this include the payment. I just can imagine how I stumble on this amazing opportunity. Thanks vicky my sponsor

  14. cn u change ur
    username? pls

  15. Will your commission be recognized and paid if someone gets registered through the link you sent to them but did not put your username in the space provided during registration?

    1. When someone click on your referral link to register, you username will be captured as sponsor automatically

  16. wen registering pls use promxy1
    tnkx and God blex

  17. Good day sir, God bless you for the wonderful program you set up. I received alert very early on Monday morning. I was so amazed…. please Sir, the banner I requested for, you haven’t created it for me. this is my username: lawrensco. hope to hear from you soon. also please create an offline registration form for this wonderful program for people to fill and we will help them to complete the registration online. God bless you sir.

    1. Pick the banner here https://coolnaira.com/promo/lawrensco.jpg Thanks for the comment. We will work on the offline registration form soon.

      1. I want to register but it isn’t showing me any sign of completed registration. I want know how to know if I ve been successfully registered. cos I be not gotten any email alert

        1. try to login with your username and password, you will be require to enter your email again.

      2. Pls sir I’ve just made my payment now after trying it for many time .
        But I really need the customized banner cause I have alot of stubborn friends who don’t believe without seeing.
        God bless u sir

        1. lafff, ok pls send ur username

  18. I need a banner this is my referral link….Donpete21

      1. I need a banner…sponsor Id 2635…Gift

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    1. I dnt av sponsor, only came across dis on search engine. How do i fill the form. Tried to use d code 0000 not working.

  20. Good evening sir/ma, i want to reguest for the banner and the id referral link. MY username is Jide32.


    1. Good morning, please i am still waiting for my referral link and banners. My username is Jide32. Thanks

  21. pls what if someone do not upgrade after the 5days given nd maybe upgraded later,will the earnings still be their or his account will b cleared?

    1. will still be there

  22. Please what is this banners for?

  23. I will also like to have one My user is Blessed4l

  24. This is excellent.
    I will need the banner.
    God bless you

  25. I will need it also.

  26. I need a banner too username charity92

  27. gretings,pls must you start with 1k?,and what does it require to upgrade to the next level,must you bring a certain number of people as in piramid or do you upgrade anytime you want?thanks

    1. it must not be 1k, whatever u are capable of among the three packages, the no of persons u can bring in is unlimited,

  28. After upgrading my account my registration bonus of #500 I can’t see it anymore. I only see #500 commission for upgrade

    1. has anyone upgraded under you? no commission for upgrade pls read how it works from ur dashboard if u found anything contrary let us know

  29. I nid banner purity87

  30. This is my referral link : https://www.coolnaira.com/?id=Samaila, I need a banner with my whatsapp Number: 07037115636

  31. pls how to get banner pls let me know

    1. send ur username

  32. Pls I need the banner urgently
    Username mrdan
    Because when I write people do ask what is it, how is it, what is it all about.Thanks

  33. please I need a banner for my link I cannot design help me out

    1. so send ur username pls

  34. I need a sponsor

  35. How can I get coolnaira banner into my Facebook account

    1. send ur username is u need banner

      1. i need banner for my facebook.username byhisstripes

    1. use tbest as ur sponsor

    1. use tbest as ur sponsor if u have no sponsor

  36. I registered some weeks ago by paying into the uploaded account then with account name that bears Paul Samson and not even up to 8hrs that i fill my mode of payment for upgrade, it was done easily and instantly my status change from free to premium, but since then i found it easy for people to register via my link but they don’t make payment to upgrade their status until last Wednesday 23-11-2016, i met a friend of mine and i introduce the business to him and went to atm so he made the transfer of #1,000 to that same mr paul Samson i also paid into uba bank with account number :2061041888. And we move to upgrade account, from that Wednesday, it has not been upgraded.. But an hour back when i was just scrolling through the website, i found that the account we paid into has been changed to another one that bears account name, G-Cyber Technologies…. So what should we do for the upgradement sir. Thanks in anticipation

    1. ok, here is the thing, don’t be Afraid, Paul Samson (CEO) a/c is personal a/c but now that the biz is fully registered with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) we now use official a/c which is G-Cyber Technologies which powered coolnaira platform, so that does not affect a/c upgrade, if u make payment and submit ur details properly ur a/c will be upgraded thanks

  37. Please replicate that image for me

    1. what is ur username

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