Amazing! Check Out What Coolnaira Member Did To Increase Downline


Wow… This is what a coolnaira member designed to promote his referrer link and he is getting more members in his downline right now. I think you should learn from this and even do better.

You see, there are more easy way to promote you referrer link or user ID for people to register with while you earn more money for yourself…  You just need to be creative and you will be making steady income… Don’t fold your hands waiting for the money to fly from heaven… The idea and the spirit is in you, you just need to think, discover it and take action. Put the idea to work and the sky will surely be your limit.

We are planing “Do for me service” meaning we will promote your ID for you on registration page due to people connecting to through different search engines.

Stay tune and happy making cool cash.

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Updated: October 22, 2016 — 11:44 pm
  1. Please help me design a banner I love this business….my I’d 975508

  2. Admin plz do mine also…username is ferarifero

  3. Please, I need mine, my id is thesage

  4. Please I need a banner urgently. my username is realdanniel

  5. Please i need id/username is dondestiny

  6. pls i need mine. my username is veeveehan

  7. I need a banner my username is mchollas

  8. Please,i would request for my own banner,so i can start using it fir online advert.also on my

    1. what is ur username

      1. what do u need? ur banner has been sent before now

  9. Please I need a banner I just joined cool naira my user name is faithfabulouss

  10. please I need help with my payment and banner for promotion. I’m having a tough time with payment.
    my user name is Biggift.

  11. Pls I need one instantly
    My username is Masterkolinks..

  12. Pls I need a banner too, my username is Ibraheen15

  13. Please I need this type of user name is jummygold.

  14. i need a barnner pls my id is diaspirant

  15. I need a banner too, username is signdeep.

  16. pls admin I also need a banner cos no one In my down lines..username blessing2010

  17. Please i need a banner my username is Taofeekat1

  18. Pls admin mine also. Username is faity05

  19. Pls I need mine too. My username is ericphil1. Thanks…

  20. I need a banner containing my username Austinjp n my phone number 09077498715

    1. we are not here for fun how many times will u request for banner? any other one u want u have to create it yourself

  21. Admin i need a banner for me and my friend
    my username is Halivy and that of my friend is Aflos

      1. hello admin, pls how many people do I need to register on my downline before I could earn money, pls I need quick respond, my username is Harzaan

        1. pls read how it works

  22. Coolnaira is real, the real page to visit whenever one is online and with little or no stress, you make your money softly softly, here is my proof, I make a request for withdrawal of fund and in less than 2hours even on Sunday, my account is creditted

    1. nice one! happy earning, let them know

  23. I also believe in coolnaira, but pls how many people do I need to register on my down line before I could get paid, pls I need quick respond, my user id Harzaan

    1. pls read how coolnaira works on the site, getting paid is not a determinant of the no. of pple registered under u

  24. I nid a banner my username is4620

  25. Please i need a banner code my username is Akudo

  26. pls I need a banner… my username is powhizkhid

  27. pls admin, i need a banner with my id on it

    1. and what is the id

  28. Need an urgent banner with sponsor name SHOLZROSE.May God be with you sir…

    1. in small letter pls

  29. I need a banner, number-08131852182

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